BoT Term 4 update

Well, it just seems like yesterday that the Board of Trustees (BoT) welcomed everyone back to the start of term 4.  It sure was a very busy term indeed. 

While the Board’s focus is on student achievement and health and wellbeing, we along with staff are also focussed on creating as many opportunities as possible for students to partake in. 

Students from Moanataiari School this term alone participated in a huge number of sporting activities and events as well as participating in the end of year Thames schools drama production. 

It’s fantastic to see so many students taking part, trying new activities, learning new skills, making new friends and having fun. 

There were also lots of fun school trips organised by teachers that created new learning experiences for students. 

Thank you to the teachers that have been involved to make these extra curriculum activities happen for students. 

The BoT aim to continue increasing the opportunities in 2021 and hope to introduce music lessons.  If you haven’t expressed an interest to learn an instrument yet, then please contact the office staff.