Senior School

As the children get older there continues to be a focus on expanding their learning and developing lifelong learning skills. Outdoor Education experiences are offered with events such as overnight camps and tramps. As far as possible we try to use our very rich local environment and so we have climbed the Pinnacles and camped at Hot Water Beach as well as camps in our school grounds.

 The senior students also have the opportunity to take part in a multitude of sporting competitions over the course of the year including swimming, athletics, cross country, gymfest, touch rugby, netball, soccer and a sevens tournament.
There are many opportunities to further develop leadership skills by attending the National Young Leaders Day and being a school or house leader.

Year 8’s are encouraged to strive for one of the many leavers cups that are available at the annual leavers dinner. Students work with younger students using a programme Early Words to help the younger student attain basic words, this also helps foster relationships across the school.

Curriculum extensions include: VLN (virtual learning network), Math Challenge, attending writing workshops in Auckland. Senior students organise and present our Friday assemblies and have many other crucial roles across the school such as being responsible road patrol monitors.

Many of our classes become involved in community projects such as pest control, monitoring local streams, community gardens to name a few. We make strong connections and relationships with our community to ensure every student has a sense of belonging and purpose.