The Moanataiari School Parent and Teachers Association (PTA) consists of a group of parents and a teacher who work together to raise money through various fundraising events.  Raffles, sausage sizzles, discos, art calendars, juicies, stalls and mufti days (kakahu kainga) are just some of the initiatives we organise to assist the school and to provide additional financial support.

All money raised by the PTA is given back to the school and used to purchase resources the school requires. Some of the recent funds the PTA have raised has contributed towards the purchase of library books, sports equipment, BBQ tables, heat pumps and sports uniform.

We warmly welcome new parents onto the PTA.  We invite you to come and enjoy the fun we experience while supporting our children, the school and the wider community.  It is an enriching experience being part of the PTA, and it is also an excellent opportunity to get to meet and work with other whānau.

It is an opportunity for whānau to support the running of our school in practical ways and help create a strong school community. There are no specific skills required only enthusiasm and any time you can give.  “Many hands make light work”, and we are always grateful for any time you can spare.

If you are able to assist, please call the school office on 868 6504

The PTA has a Facebook group - Moanataiari School PTA  Please request to join this group if you can help in any way.