School uniform

All students must wear the school uniform.  The school uniform is a symbol of the school, of which they can be proud. This is available from The Warehouse, Thames.  Our school office often has second-hand uniform items available for a koha.

Our uniform consists of:

  • Jade polo shirt with school logo
  • Plain navy shorts/skorts/pants/leggings (not black or denim)
  • Plain navy sweatshirt or navy polar fleece with school logo
  • Navy bucket hat/navy wide brim hat in Term 1 and 4
  • Shoes: flat/practical that child is free to run and walk in (no heels or Heelys - wheel shoes)
  • Hair: long hair must be tied up for protection against nits
  • Jewellery: watches, stud/small sleeper earrings only
  • If a student has a taonga that they wish to wear at school, a letter must be written to the principal for approval first

Please note that no other jewellery is to be worn at school.


Please put your child’s name on ALL ITEMS OF CLOTHING.

In the swimming season all clothing, togs and towels should be named and swimming gear brought to school in a plastic bag. During winter, a spare uniform is necessary for those who engage in vigorous activities during the lunch break and for all sports activities.

If students are not able to wear the uniform, for whatever reason, a note to the class teacher or speaking to the class teacher is required.  If assistance with uniform purchase is needed, please talk to the Principal for a supporting letter to WINZ.  On-going non-compliance with the uniform is considered to be a discipline issue.

If for any cultural reason your child needs to wear an item of clothing not listed above or some modification to the mandatory uniform items, please arrange a time to speak with the principal.

Moanataiari School sports tops are available to students who participate in external sporting and school events.  These are issued by the PTA to the individual student for their specific event and then collected back again after the event.  A wide variety of sizing is available.