Our School

Nau mai Haere mai – Kia ora and welcome to Moanataiari School

Our school is committed to excellence and is focussed on achievement and the growth of our children.

Our school’s vision: Learning and growing together – “Kia tupu ngatahi ai e tātou” sets out the direction of the school.

Moanataiari is a place where we want individuals to develop as best they can in a learning community that provides ‘nourishment’ through security, positive relationships and intellectual stimulation.

The staff at Moanataiari are committed to engagement with our parent community to provide the best service that we can for the children in our care. The concept ‘together’ is one that is very important as it emphasises the importance of relationship.

The learning and growing together means that we all have a part in working together towards the common goal of achieving, not only the very best for your child, but also for the children of other parents at our school.

It is my hope that each child leaving Moanataiari school will look back at their time here with happy associations and a sense of pride in their accomplishments; that they leave with an attitude which will see them do the best they can in life with the abilities and talents they have. I will do my best to ensure that the school provides the right educational opportunities and environment in order for this to happen.


Our School Culture

Our School Culture

At Moanataiari there has been a strong emphasis on the development of culture. Our students are acknowledged through certificates and assemblies. As students reach the senior classes, we annually take a group of budding young leaders to the National Young Leaders Day (NYLD). 

We provide opportunities for leadership and teamwork within our classrooms and playground, encouraging students to develop these skills. 

At Moanataiari School we have made explicit links from our core values to the behavioural expectations that we hold within the school. This is the standard that we use for all classes. It is reviewed periodically but in essence will remain in tact. 

Our school’s culture is ever changing in a dynamic and ongoing process that reflects the needs of our students and community.

Emphasis on Learning

Emphasis on Learning

At Moanataiari there is a strong focus on the curriculum, we work hard to achieve success and to make learning enjoyable for our students across all areas of learning.  

We believe that learning is dynamic and as professionals, we respond to the changing world of educating children and the changing needs of our students and their families. 

To do this we have a multi faceted approach to learning at Moanataiari School.

Parental Engagement

Parental Engagement

This goes beyond involvement and homework, this is about students, teachers and parents working together to set goals and work towards shared outcomes for our students, sharing information to ensure success.  

We invite all parents to be part of their child’s learning and aim to foster open and supportive relationships between teacher and parents to ensure this happens.


Culturally Responsive Education

It is important to us that your child feels acknowledged and accepted within our school.  We strive to engage our diverse range of learners through our teaching and classrooms.  

We affirm and value and the cultures of our learners and use culture as a support for learning and our teaching.  We understand and respect the clues of the cultures represented within our school and work to include collaboration and consultation between learners, their whanau and iwi.

Culturally Responsive Education

Accelerated Learning

If a child is experiencing difficulty in an area of learning, Moanataiari school has a range of interventions, in class with our teachers and/or using our trained teacher aides to accelerate the progress of students to support them in experiencing success.
Quick 60 - this programme is designed to support literacy development in students, it has a junior focus but can be used across all primary aged students.

  • Quick 60 - this programme is designed to support literacy development in students, it has a junior focus but can be used across all primary aged students.
  • Early Words - every child that starts Moanataiari School as a 5 year old works through this programme with the support of their own senior student tutor. It is a literacy programme to speed the attainment of basic sight words that support reading and writing.
  • Phonics - each junior class follows a systematic phonics programme designed to build and improve on the previous years’ knowledge. 
  • Toe by Toe - this is a programme to support older students finding reading difficult.
  • Rainbow Reading - this programme is designed to increase reading fluency and ability with older students.
  • Mathematics Intervention - each of our teachers work with a focus group of students in collaboration with their parents to give their students a 10 –15 week boost in mathematics achievement to accelerate progress.


Our discipline system sits within the framework of our school’s culture. The discipline of the school is related to what we want to achieve as an educational community. There are several key beliefs that we hold as a school that affect the way the school is governed:

Before teaching can be effective there needs to be effective classroom and effective school management.

Relationships with students and parents are the key to a positive school culture, therefore, we will do all we can to ensure relationships are healthy.

Students need to identify with and take pride in their school community.

Students need to realise that in life there are consequences related to the way we act both positive and negative.

We are proactive in the development of our school’s culture and protective of our children.

Children only have one chance at getting a good education therefore we will do our very best to ensure that the learning of our students is maximised.