Our Values

Here at Moanataiari School preparing our students for their future is an exciting and important task which requires a vision of who we want our students to be and what we want them to become. Recently, in consultation with our community, we redeveloped our values to ensure that our vision as a school and community is underpinned by values that enable us in achieving our potential.
Whakawhanaungatanga – Connecting and Including

At Moanataiari we understand success is built upon strong relationships; partnerships between our school, our community and our students. We understand the importance of getting to know our students including their families and working together to help achieve success for individuals and as a group. The most important of these relationships are formed with our students and their families, while extending to our wider community and the agencies within it. We want our families to feel welcome and included, resulting in productive, positive relationships. We invite our families to be part of student learning and celebrations in ways such as parent teacher learning conversations, school assemblies, lunchtime clubs, ‘chips and chat’ and school fun days. 

 Ako - Learning
Our Primary Focus is ‘Learning and growing together’ – “Kia tupu ngatahi ai e tàtou”.

In classrooms at Moanataiari School you will see learning taking place in a variety of ways. We believe in fostering learning relationships that work both ways; between students and teachers, between parents or community members and of course between the students themselves within and across age groups. Examples of this across our school can be seen in our new entrant - senior student mentor programme, in our lunchtime clubs run by teachers and community members, within regular classroom programmes and also between classes. We encourage our students to take on the role of expert and experience the feeling of success that comes with this, but to also value the role of learner and appreciate the knowledge of others. 

Manaakitanga - Caring

Providing opportunities for students to offer support and kindness to each other, is at the heart of developing potential. Our environment is one that values differences which demonstrates we care about how others think and feel. By doing this we position our students to take risks and challenge themselves, and their learning, in a safe and inclusive environment.

Whakaute –Respect

Each one of us, child or adult, is an individual, who brings with us a wealth of knowledge and experiences. Here at Moanataiari we strive to get to know our students and families, to ensure we acknowledge the uniqueness each brings to our school community.

Tino Pai Rawa – Do my best

We want all our students to achieve their best. Our ERO review earlier this year said ‘High expectations for learning and behaviour are evident throughout the school.’  We are clear about our expectations for students, working with them and their families to ensure that every opportunity is given to ensure potential is reached and that each child experiences success.  Check out our full ERO review on their website – we are proud of what our school has achieved.

 These values, upheld by our experienced and innovative staff members, are ensuring that we support our learners in their journey, each step along the way helping the school and our students achieve their best.



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