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We are fortunate to have a Mandarin Language Assistant with us at Moanataiari School for 2016 and extended to 2017.  You can read more about this in the Haruaki Herald 

We utalise the Virtual Learning Network to run various extension programs in the school,  these include;

  • Maths
  • Mandarin
  • Māori

We are also members of the Garden to Plate program which teacher us about growing and eating health food.


Other Information


If your child is away from school we need to be contacted by phone or note. The school number is 07 868 6504. The school is required to keep a record of attendance and we follow up on unexplained absences through the Thames Truancy Service. These absences are checked after 9.15am.

Accidents / First Aid

On enrolling your child you will have provided information on any health concerns for your child. If there is a change, please contact us so that we can alter our records. We are fortunate to have trained First Aid staff at school who deal with any first aid matters. Contact with the home is made for serious injuries.

Bell Times – School Hours
These are:
8:55am   Bell for school to commence
10am      Fruit break for junior school
10.50am Interval starts
11.25am Interval ends (Lessons at 11:30am)
1.20pm   Lunch starts
1.55pm   Bell for lunch break to end(Lessons at 2pm)
3.00pm   School finishes


A number of our student’s bike to and from school. We prefer students to be 10 years and over and it is recommended by the police. At 3pm students are to walk their bikes out of the school grounds and leave by the supervised crossings. We also have ‘Wheels day’ where students can ride bikes, scooters around the school. Mondays is for senior and Friday is junior turn


There are bus runs for children who live in outlying areas – e.g. Thames Coast, Kauaeranga and the Kopu-Hikuai. If you would like to know more about the bus runs, please contact Murphy’s Buses on 07 868 6265.

Code of Conduct – Agreed Expectations

The school has agreed expectations of behaviour, which sets out the expectations the school has. This is displayed for students and reinforced by staff. We believe in dealing quickly with instances of misbehaviour, including contact with the home if appropriate. We actively encourage a safe, supportive environment and set high standards of behaviour.


Our school actively supports open and honest dialogue. There will be times when you are unsure of something. If you have a query please contact the school as soon as possible. If you would like to see a teacher, please make an appointment and indicate what you would like to discuss.

Damage to School Property

Students need to be encouraged to take care of school property. If damage is deliberately done to school or anyone else’s property, we have a policy of repair or replacement by whoever caused it.

Dental Therapist

The mobile dental clinic visits the school once a year. When the clinic is not operating at the school, please phone 0800 833 844 to find out the nearest location of the mobile clinic.

Education Outside the Classroom

Moanataiari School promotes experiences outside the classroom to enrich class programmes. For safety, extra adult supervision is necessary. Parental permission is sought for walks in our local area. Some trips are made by private car. Where large numbers or longer distances are involved, local bus companies are used – in which case pupils are asked to cover costs. If private cars are used, our transport policy is followed.

Enrolling Your Child at School

If your child is turning five we welcome regular visits to school as this can make the transition to school life easier. When enrolling children at school there is a form to fill in with relevant details. There is an activity fee set which we ask you to pay. This voluntary donation is used to buy resources for the children. We ask that a birth certificate be presented, as well as an Immunisation Certificate.


The Waikato District Health Board provides health services to the school to promote and support the health of the students. The school’s Public Health Nurse is Wendy King. She makes regular visits to the school. Parents with health concerns about their child can contact Wendy directly (07 8686 550 ext 8886 or 021 341 845).

Hearing and Vision Testing

The Hearing and Vision Technician tests new entrants and Year 7 students. If at any time you feel a student needs to be referred, please contact the school.

Home Learning

At the beginning of each year the class teacher will outline the homework programme for their class. Your role as a parent/caregiver is one of support and encouragement.

Internet Access

Most classrooms have email and internet access. The forms “Acceptable Use of the Internet” and “Permission for Online Publication” are enclosed with the enrolment.


Our school library is open daily, including part of lunchtime. We do ask that books are returned on time. Each student has a computerised card kept at school, which records books issued and makes it easier to keep a track of the library inventory.


Students are required to sit for 10 minutes to eat their lunch, supervised by classroom teachers. In summer, lunch is eaten in the shade area. If wet, lunch will be eaten inside.


Thames High School works on a six day timetable. Years 7 & 8 students attend on a class basis. There is a fee of $15 per term, which is collected directly by Thames High School. Children are expected to walk directly to and from tech training along a set route. They are not permitted to visit shops or wander downtown at this time.


These are handed out on Mondays. Please check your child’s bag each Monday evening. The youngest or only child in the family will have a copy. The newsletter is also available for viewing on the school website.

Notices Home

As well as newsletters for the whole school, individual classes/syndicates send notices home from time-to-time.


Please use street parking and encourage your child to use the supervised crossings. Please leave the bus park free. Driving into the school driveways during school time is for extreme emergencies only.

Personal Belongings

Leave items that inhibit learning, at home eg. lollies, gum, electronic devices, cell phones etc. Teachers will confiscate these items and parents will be asked to collect the item from the office.

Privacy Act

We are bound by this act. You are welcome at any time to see all records held at school on your own child. Just contact us and we will happily provide that information. In addition, you should be aware of the following:

Moanataiari School requires accurate information in order to communicate with parents/caregivers, to determine appropriate educational and pastoral support needs and to complete statistical returns. The Privacy Act 1993 places rules on the collection, use, storage and access of information that is received at enrolment, and from student academic records. All reasonable care is taken in the collection, storage and security of this information. From time to time it needs to be updated. Individuals have the right of access to personal information through the Principal who is our school’s Privacy Officer. At the discretion of the Principal, under Section 76 and Section 77 of the Education Act 1989, this information may be shared with the following groups of professionals on a need-to-know basis – school staff, Group Special Education, Public Health Nurse and Doctors, Ministry of Education, Children and Young Persons and their Family Service, Police and other professionals approved by the Principal. If you do not wish personal information to be released, then contact with the Principal should be made.

Promotion of Tikanga Maori

It is a requirement of our charter and the National Curriculum Framework, to positively promote Te Reo me ona tikanga Maori wherever possible. We actively promote Te Reo Maori in all classrooms.

Religious Instruction

A non-denominational Christian based programme is available for Years 1-5 students. Students who do not wish to attend, continue with their normal classroom programme.

Road Patrols

The school patrol is supervised by an adult, and operated by our senior children who are on duty from approximately 2.55pm until 3.20pm daily in front of the school. When the signs are up all traffic MUST STOP. Children should always use this crossing if they need to cross Kuranui Street.

School Activity Fees

The school activity fees are used to help students learning programmes and are set at $40 per student per year, with a maximum of $80 per family. Part of this fee is a donation and we certainly appreciate it, as it helps our children tremendously. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, automatic payment. They can be paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly or term by term. The office staff can assist you with this.


Moanataiari School is a smoke free area.

Individual targeted learning programmes

Speech Therapist

A speech therapist from Group Special Education visits the school from time to time to work with students who require help. If the school or the parent/caregiver have a concern, a referral can be made.


At the end of the year a list is sent home for next year’s stationery. Please ensure students always have the correct equipment.


Students are required to wear sunhats in the sun at playtime, lunchtime and sports time in Terms 1 and 4.


Children are expected to be dressed in correct School Uniform. We are proud of our identity and like the unifrom to be worn correctly both in school and out. We strongly recommend that clothing is named. Lost property is kept in the office. Parents and students are encouraged to come and look for lost items.


All visitors are required to sign in at the Office on entering the school grounds (parents, caregivers, siblings, contractors, support services, sales people etc).

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