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Meet our staffing team that make Moanataiari School a great place to learn and grow:


In my role as principal I wake up each day wanting to come to work. I really enjoy having the privilege of leading a talented and friendly group of professionals. The staff at our school are very hard working and do the best they can for the students in their classrooms. Besides our great teachers, we have an exceptional administration team, committed teacher aides and a fabulous caretaker. Along, with the staff here at Moanataiari I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of our students with the resources we have. I appreciate the dedication and commitment made by our board and board chair who freely give of their time to ensure our school is an effective organisation.

Over the years I have been here, our boards have consistently made good decisions. This is reflected in the growth of our school and in the innovative developments that have occurred here e.g. Early Words, Garden to plate, VLN, Mandarin, solar panels etc. One thing I derive great pleasure from is the achievement of our students in whatever they endeavour. It also give me a lot of satisfaction when our children live lives, that demonstrate values that we actively promote i.e. kindness-manaakitanga, respect-whakaute etc. In our school, it is important that we treat one another as we would like to be treated.

David Brock - Principal:



Kia Ora, my name is Pam Kruger. 

I have had the privilege of teaching at this school since 2009. The people make this school what it is - students, staff, parents and whanau. People here are supportive, helpful and kind. Our school values play an important part in who we are here at Moanataiari School. Walking in to the school you will be made to feel welcome by our friendly school family.

I am currently DP, and have taught in the senior school as well as in the junior school. Teaching is my passion, and I love my job.

Pam Kruger - Deputy Principal/Years 2 & 3 (Room 2)



Kia Ora my name is Kirsty Bain and I am the New Entrant teacher at Moanataiari School. I love getting to meet our newest students and their whanau when they join our fantastic school community. 

Room 4 is the New Entrant classroom and we have an amazing and exceptional space for our beginning students, which includes our classroom, playroom, garden and playground all securely fenced. This supports and nurtures our newest students transitioning from their pre-school environment into school. We are the only school in Thames with these facilities.

I am passionate about teaching literacy and numeracy along with the arts and physical education.

We love having visitors, you are most welcome to come and visit our amazing space.

Kirsty Bain - New Entrant (Room 4):



Kia Ora, I am Louise Hinds-Haye and I have the privilege of teaching the year 1 and 2 children this year. This my beginning year as a primary school teacher, graduating from Waikato University last November. I have loved returning to Thames as a teacher at Moanataiari School and feel very lucky to have been welcomed into such an enthusiastic, supportive and caring learning community.

Louise Hinds-Haye - Year 1 (Room 5):



Kia Orana. My name is Laura Pooley and I feel very lucky to be part of the Moanataiari School whanau. I have had the privilege of teaching tamariki in the junior school since 2015 and getting to know them and their families. 

What attracted me to Moanataiari School were the School Values and how staff and students demonstrate these on a daily basis.   

The teachers here strive to create nurturing environments in which tamariki feel safe, secure and happy - supporting them to grow and become confident, independent, lifelong learners.

“Popoia te kakano 

kia puawai”

Nurture the seed and it will blossom

Laura Pooley - Years 3 & 4 (Room 3):



Kia ora, My name is Adrienne Dines. My husband and I moved to Thames a year ago and at the same time I was very fortunate to gain my teaching position at Moanataiari School.

I believe that when teachers, and family work together we can promote the successful learning of all those we teach. 

The integration of Ako - teaching and learning, which encompasses the development of Manaakitanga, Manawaroa, Tino Pai Rawa, Whakaute and Whanaungatanga targets our teaching and our learning to develop attitudes and skills in class and for the future.

Ehara taku toa

I te toa takitahi

Engari, he toa


Success is not the work of one,

But the work of many

 Adrienne Dines:




I love the inclusive and caring atmosphere around our school. Everyone on the staff are wonderful to work with and are ever helpful.

The students at our school display the school values on an ongoing basis. They are a pleasure to teach. They exhibit curiosity, interest and a willingness to learn which ensures a close working relationship between teachers and pupils.

It is a joy to come to Moanataiari School as can be seen by my reluctance to retire permanently.

Alex Donaldson - Reliever:



I love the amazing students and dedicated staff at our school. Our BOT are supportive and doing really innovative things like the solar panels and the parents of our school are supportive and encouraging of their children. 

Everybody is  friendly, welcoming and kind. Our students know our school values, and are rewarded for displaying them.

Our school environment is vibrant and exciting, especially with our new senior playground that the students designed.

I love growing things in the garden and then cooking them in our kitchen. 

Andrea Saunders - Years 6, 7 & 8 (Room 7), Deputy Principal & SENCO:



There are lots of reasons why I love working at Moanataiari school! Firstly, the fabulous students I have the privilege of teaching and the families I get to know and work alongside. I so appreciate the wonderfully supportive staff I work with and the high professional standards and work ethics we all share.

There is such a wide range of learning opportunities available to students at our school including sports, the arts and exciting classroom programmes. Included also, is our vital school gardening programme, which enables our children to learn valuable lessons regarding sustainability and protecting our environment for future generations.

Our exceptional school values permeate every area of school life. They are very evident in our students behaviour and set a high standard for our students at school as well as providing a great foundation for their futures.

Debbie Trenwith - Years 3, 4 & 5 (Room 9):



Kia Ora. My name is Wayne Howes and I am currently teaching in the year 5 and 6 class. I was fortunate to return, from teaching overseas six years ago, to take up a teaching position here at Moanataiari School.  There were three key things that attracted me to this school. Number one was the emphasis on promoting the school values of: Teaching and Learning (Ako), Caring (Manaakitanga), Connecting and Including (Whakawhanaungatanga), Respect (Whakaute), Grit and Determination (Manawaroa) and Doing our Best (Tino Pai Rawa). Moanataiari students thrive in the warm, supportive learning environment that has these values firmly embedded into everything they do.  Secondly living and learning between the mountains and the sea, everyone  has a role to play in developing our sustainability. Kaitiakitanga (guardianship of our natural environment) is an important feature of our local curriculum. Finally the mission of learning and growing together is the essence that binds this special community together. Teachers, parents and students learning together as they grow new knowledge makes coming to this school an uplifting experience for everyone.

Wayne Howes - Year 5 & 6 (Room 8):



Kia ora, my name is Leslie Burczak, and I am the new Room 6 teacher. I am originally from Durban, South Africa, home to the Sharks Rugby Team. I am a wife to Michal and a mother to two teenagers, a son, Cameron and a daughter, Caitlin. I have taught for almost 27 years and I honestly believe it is the best profession in the world.

My passion is teaching, mathematics in particular, and there is no better feeling than seeing a child’s face when they finally understand something that was once a mystery.

I am delighted to be a part of this wonderful school family and community, and I thank you most sincerely for welcoming me so warmly.

Leslie Burczak - Years 7 & 8 (Room 6):



Joanne North - Office Administrator:



 Julie White - Office & Project Administrator:

Brendon Arnold - Caretaker


Ngaio Hodson - Teacher Aide



Jackie Mitcalfe - Teacher Aide



 Helen Wilkinson - Teacher Aide

 Donna Weir - Teacher Aide





Rita Moore - Teacher Aide



Claire Nankivell


 Rechelle Rendall - Teacher Aide



Wendy Davies - Teacher Aide

Tracey Hinton - Librarian & Teacher Aide



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