Mandarin Language Assistant Arrives at Moanataiari School

We are fortunate to have a Mandarin Language Assistant with us at Moanataiari School for 2016. Yue Huang comes from China and is going to work with our students and teachers at Moanataiari School to help us learn and understand more about Chinese Culture and the Chinese Mandarin language. She was chosen for our school through Confucius Institute in Auckland and was one of 49 teachers chosen to spend 12 months in a New Zealand School.
This will be an amazing opportunity for our school to gain first hand experience of another culture and to gain knowledge of another language. This is the first time that this sort of programme has taken place, in a primary school,in the Thames Coromandel Area. While she is here Yue Huang will also be working with other schools through the Virtual Learning Network (VLN) Primary and she will be involved in teaching online to other schools throughout New Zealand.
Welcome to Moanataiari School, Yue Huang !

A group of our senior students from rooms 8&9 interviewed Yue Huang.

Yue Huang was born in the Anhui Province on the 14th of December 1993. She lives in Shou Xian. Yue Huang loves travelling and fish and chips. At her home in China, Yue Huang says there’s a lot of people but everyone’s friendly and have their own way of communication. Yue Huang arrived in Auckland about two weeks ago. She is looking forward to telling her friends about her adventures in New Zealand. Yue Huang would love to visit Taupo, Queenstown and Christchurch. Yue Huang wishes for her students to know more about China and Chinese culture and language. We hope that Yue Huang will enjoy her time at Moanataiari School!!

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We are fortunate to have a Mandarin Language Assistant with us at Moanataiari School for 2016 and ex…

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